Surena mini is a knee-high robot with a sleek 3D-printed body, articulated limbs, and a round head with two camera-eyes. Twenty small servomotors power its arms, legs, and neck, allowing the little robot to walk, gesture, and dance. Surena mini unveiled at 2017.

The main purpose of this robot is to provide researchers and students with a reliable robotic platform for educational and research applications.

Surena mini is 50 centimeters tall and weighs 3.4 kilograms. Packed inside the robot are a compact computer with an Intel Core CPU, cameras and infrared sensors, speakers, and an IMU, or inertial measurement unit.

To program the robot, advanced users can modify the source code to create different behaviors. It also has a programming environment with a graphical interface that gives users full access to all available features of the robot, so even beginners can make the robot walk and move its arms and head.