cast can help you in 5 sections, including: testing, data collection, operator, basic services and transportation, and you can see more complete descriptions of these services in the table below

what can CAST help you

Type of servicerowService descriptionCost Description
Test1 Hammer Test
(Natural Frequency)
650per hour
2 Hammer Test
Natural Frequency )
( Modal Test &
1150per hour
3Shaker 2kN
(Modal Test)
1450per hour
4Shaker 2kN
(Test Fatigue)
5500per hour
5Shaker 400N
(Modal Test)
1450per hour
6Shaker 100N
(Modal Test)
850per hour
7 Strain gauge
data collection
650per hour
8Ultrasonic test (UT)1500per hour
9Advanced ultrasonic testing
(Phased Array)
2900per hour
data collection10Laser data collection900per hour
11داده برداری همزمان با چند شتاب‌سنج65per hour for each accelerometer
12Thermography650per hour
نیروی انسانی13Operator300per person
14 writing Reports650per test
15Data interpretation & processing150per person
16Finite element simulation150per person
خدمات اولیه17The initial cost of the service500per item
18Advanced ultrasonic devices
2500per day
19PAUT Probe
(with scanner & encoder)
450per day
Device rental20 PAUT roller probe500per day
21a pair of TOFD probe
(with scanner & encoder)
400per day
22 Sonatest Ultrasonic device 1250per day
23Ultrasonic probe
(normal، Angular)
250per day


• The cost of other services, such as preparing the test bed, analyzing the results, etc., varies depending on the type of service and is sent to the employer in the pre-invoice.

• In case of request for on-site testing, the cost of the operator and the equipment will be borne by the employer.

• In order to reserve the test, 30% of the approximate cost of the test should be received as an advance payment.

• If an invoice is requested before the test, only a preliminary invoice (hourly/daily fee) should be issued and the employer should be justified that the final fee may vary.

• In case of working with organizations and universities, it is sometimes requested that the name of the university/organization be registered as the customer’s name in the invoice. It should be noted that this sample of tests, the payment process will be longer and the employer of the test should be justified so that the necessary follow-up is done.

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