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The portfolio of robotics, artificial intelligence and systems inspired by nature has been the first part of the Center for Advanced Systems and Technologies of the University of Tehran (CAST) to implement industrial projects.

What is

robotics and dynamics portfolio?

dynamics and robotics

Portfolio description

The mission of this portfolio is to find innovative solutions and study the feasibility of projects that are usually challenging and are presented in the international arena. This portfolio is responsible for directing and controlling projects related to various fields such as mechatronics, robotics, and intelligent systems inspired by nature. In recent years, the product-oriented approach of the Center for Systems and Advanced Technologies has led to the design and production of many complex systems, testing platforms and industrial automation subsystems.

The experience of more than 20 successful projects and the presentation of more than 70 proposals has developed the ability of this center to implement national projects such as the humanoid robot Surena.

Some of the projects in this portfolio:

Introducing some robotics and dynamics projects

Surena National Humanoid Robot Collection

Today, the creation of humanoid robots is at a high level of technology, center Advanced systems and technologies by designing and manufacturing three generations of Surena humanoid robots in Iran in the field of human robots The facade is leading. In the most advanced generation of Surena robots, the third generation of robots capable of performing various maneuvers It includes the possibility of walking, going around, going up and down ramps and stairs. This robot is enabled by visual intelligence To detect, identify and capture objects by sight and also able to command voice and pass through different levels with heights It is different

Aquatic inspired robots

In the center of advanced systems and technologies, robots inspired by aquatic movement are designed and built The movement of these robots is based on the mechanism of blowing and propellers. These robots are capable of remote automatic control and load carrying.

Robots inspired by birds

They are robots inspired by the movement of birds. The movement of this type of robots using The flapping mechanism is similar to birds. Also, these types of robots can be controlled remotely, and can carry cameras for pictures In this center, there is the ability to design and manufacture these types of robots in different sizes up to palm size.

Systems based on smart materials

This center is able to use the properties of smart materials, including memory alloys The design and manufacture of ultra-light operators. By identifying the system and implementing different controllers on these types of operators and integrating them with the structure, we will be able to use these types of operators. These operators can be used in various cases among these, we can mention the birds with artificial wings and claws designed and made in the center.

رباتیک و دینامیک

رباتیک و دینامیک

رباتیک و دینامیک