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The Center for Advanced Systems and Technologies of Tehran University (CAST) was established in 2014 by Dr. Aqeel Yousefi Koma with the aim of developing the relationship between the university and industry. By providing a set of industrial-research facilities and equipment, this center aims to participate in the industrial-research challenges in the country and train elite specialists to advance the scientific and industrial goals of our beloved Iran. The synergy of different engineering specialties such as mechanical engineering, electrical and mechatronic engineering and the 18-year history of the center in small and large projects has made it possible for the cast to participate in many projects and leave a brilliant record. These projects have been carried out in the two portfolios of structural and energy testing and analysis and the robotics and control portfolio, and can be referred to national projects such as “Evaluation of the fulfillment of technological goals in the contracts of ten groups of priority product families of the oil industry” and “Construction of the fourth generation of Sorena humanoid robot” and projects in the field Monitoring the health of the structure with non-destructive equipment and vibration analysis


fish robot

test & analysis

Oil pipeline inspection


cast has 5 humanoid robots, which are: Mini Surena , Surena 1, Surena 2, Surena 3 and Surena 4.

Also, in the field of structural testing and analysis, by carrying out large-scale projects at the national level, along with small and large research projects, it has managed to leave a good track record

Head of the center

Dr.Aghil yousefi koma


Professor, School of Mechanical Engineering Director, Center of Advanced Systems and Technologies (CAST) College of Engineering University of Tehran

021-8835-4389 :phone number

Email: aykoma@ut.ac.ir

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Robotic and dynamic portfolio

The portfolio of robotics, artificial intelligence and systems inspired by nature has been the first part of the Center for Systems and Advanced Technologies of the University of Tehran (CAST) to implement industrial projects

Portfolio of vibrations and structural testing and analysis

The portfolio of vibrations and structural testing and analysis, as one of the departments of the Center for Advanced Systems and Technologies (CAST) of Tehran University, has carried out several projects in the field of vibrations and structural health monitoring