The third version of the robot, which was called Surena III, was unveiled in 2015. Surena III was funded by the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO) of Iran and built by a team of 70.

Its increased degrees of freedom (31) came with a higher weight of 98 kg and 1.98 metre height, as well as improvements in maneuverability, speed and intelligence. It was equipped with a host of sensors, including a Kinect-based 3D vision module, and its joints are powered by 31 servomotors.

The vision system allows the robot to detect faces and objects and track a person’s motions. A speech system can recognize some predefined sentences in Persian.

Surena III was able to manipulate objects up to 6.5 mm in diameter and weight up to 200g. It was moving at an average speed of 0.3 km/h and could walk on stairs and inclined surfaces.